Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Idaho

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-84171 EBID
Rest AreaI-1559 NBID
Rest AreaI-1559 SBID
Rest AreaI-15143ID
Rest AreaI-15167ID
Rest AreaI-841 EBID
Rest AreaI-157 NBID
Rest AreaI-8621 EBAmerican Falls Coldwater HillID
Rest AreaI-8633 WBAmerican Falls Massacre RocksID
Rest AreaI-84129 EBBlissID
Rest AreaI-84129 WBBlissID
Rest AreaI-8463 EBBoiseID
Rest AreaI-8463 WBBoiseID
Rest AreaI-84228 WBCotterellID
Rest AreaI-84228 EBCotterellID
Rest AreaUS 12Elk CityID
Rest AreaUS 30HagermanID
Rest AreaUS 26/20HoweID
Rest AreaI-907 EBHuetterID
Rest AreaI-907 WBHuetterID
Rest AreaI-84263 WBJuniperID
Rest AreaI-84263 EBJuniperID
Rest AreaI-1522 SBMalad SummitID
Rest AreaI-1547 NSBMcCammonID
Rest AreaUS 95MidvaleID
Rest AreaUS 12Nez PerceID
Rest AreaI-1598 NBNorth BlackfootID
Rest AreaI-1598 SBNorth BlackfootID
Rest AreaUS 95PotlatchID
Rest AreaUS 95RigginsID
Rest AreaUS 26RirieID
Rest AreaUS 20Timmerman JunctionID

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