About Our Company

Mission Statement

Our goal is to give the trucking industry and the travelers all the information they use daily in any format they choose. We have expanded now to 5 formats with at least 3 more in the works. Thanks to our development team, we are making big progress to make your job, trips and vacation easier. We are adding data daily, so you can help us by sending in ideas to help you. We look at every idea seriously to see if we can use it. We will continue daily to look for ways and ideas to add to our existing database, as well as more formats.

Our Products

Digital V-Mag

All your needs in just ONE digital book!
This catalog has truck stops listed on U.S. and State highways by highway numbers and cities.

Mobile Application

The mobile HTML5 application is now online at Once you visit this page it will download the information to your phone. Add it to your home screen on your phone and have access to the complete database even when you don't have an Internet connection.

The vast database of truckstops found in the catalog brought to you in the most convienient form, ON YOUR PHONE! This app brings you more details about the truckstops across the country than you could ever image, including details about their amenities and what type of station they are. Currently working for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Web Application

All the information found in the app can also be found online at! This site gives you more tools to help you navigate the information. This tool is great for pre-planning your trips, or for use when you are at a truckstop for the night with you laptop.

Contact Form

We do our best to provide our customers with a way to contact us for help with our products or for them to suggest new ideas.
Please give us detailed information about how we may be able to serve you better.
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