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The Olympic Wilderness is one of the wildest places left in the Lower Forty-Eight states and is a wilderness lover's paradise!
This year, nearly 40,000 people will camp in the Olympic Wilderness and thousands more will take day hikes. Olympic is fragile. But if we care for Olympic, we can preserve its wildness and grandeur for future generations.

Wilderness travel can be challenging and risky. To maximize your safety, we hope you will take the time to learn about some of the risks and hazards that exist throughout the Olympic Wilderness.

Wilderness Camping Permits/Reservations Hiking with Pets
Wilderness Protection Regulations
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Food Storage
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Wilderness Safety
Winter Travel

Twenty-five years ago, Congress designated 95% of Olympic National Park as Wilderness. The 1964 Wilderness Act directs federal agencies to manage wilderness so as to preserve its wilderness character. Find out more about National Park Service Wilderness areas, wilderness designation, the Wilderness Act and other nearby wilderness areas.

When you visit Olympic, whether to clamber along the roaring beaches of the wilderness coast, to immerse yourself in the freshness and healing of the old-growth forests, or to push yourself up onto the peaks and ridges of the high country, keep in mind that this remnant of wild America is fragile.