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Name Highway Exit City State Unleaded Diesel Bulk Def
Econo LodgeGlenmontNY
Econo LodgeHornellNY
Econo LodgeNew PaltzNY
Econo LodgeCortlandNY
Econo LodgePainted PostNY
Econo LodgeHicksvilleNY
Econo Lodge AirportNorth SyracuseNY
Econo Lodge Darien LakesCorfuNY
Econo Lodge DowntownLake GeorgeNY
Econo Lodge Inn & SuitesUS 3PlattsburghNY
Econo Lodge MacArthur AirportSR 454RonkonkomaNY
Econo Lodge SouthBuffaloNY
Rodeway InnLakevilleNY
Rodeway Inn & SuitesAmherstNY
Rodeway Inn & SuitesNiagara FallsNY
Rodeway Inn & SuitesNew PaltzNY