Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in West Virginia

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-812 NBWV
Rest AreaI-64174 EBWV
Rest AreaI-7718 SBWV
Rest AreaI-6874 EBWV
Rest AreaI-6874 WBWV
Rest AreaI-64179 WBWV
Rest AreaI-6831 WBWV
Rest AreaI-7013 WBWV
Rest AreaI-7718 SBWV
Rest AreaI-6445 EWBBeckleyWV
Rest AreaI-79121 NBBridgeportWV
Rest AreaI-79121 SBBridgeportWV
Rest AreaI-6474 EBEskdaleWV
Rest AreaI-6474 WBEskdaleWV
Rest AreaI-7951 NBFrametownWV
Rest AreaI-7951 SBFrametownWV
Rest AreaI-6411 EBHuntingtonWV
Rest AreaI-6434 EBHurricaneWV
Rest AreaI-6434 WBHurricaneWV
Rest AreaI-77161 NBMineral WellsWV
Rest AreaI-77161 SBMineral WellsWV
Rest AreaI-7979 NBOrlandoWV
Rest AreaI-7979 SBOrlandoWV

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