Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Virginia

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-8154 SBAtkinsVA
Rest AreaI-7758 NBBastianVA
Rest AreaUS 13Cape CharlesVA
Rest AreaI-9537 NBCarsonVA
Rest AreaI-64113 WBCharlottesvilleVA
Rest AreaI-81109 SBRadfordVA
Rest AreaI-95156 SBDale CityVA
Rest AreaI-8553 NBDinwiddieVA
Rest AreaI-8553 SBDinwiddieVA
Rest AreaI-8528 NBDolphinVA
Rest AreaI-8534 SBDolphinVA
Rest AreaI-81128 NBEllistonVA
Rest AreaI-64/I-81200 SBFairfieldVA
Rest AreaI-81156 SBFincastleVA
Rest AreaI-81231 NBFort DefianceVA
Rest AreaI-64107 EBGreenwoodVA
Rest AreaI-6647 EBManassasVA
Rest AreaI-666 EBMiddletownVA
Rest AreaI-81235 SBMt SidneyVA
Rest AreaI-64214 WBNew KentVA
Rest AreaI-64167 EBOilvilleVA
Rest AreaI-64167 WBOilvilleVA
Rest AreaI-81109 NBRadfordVA
Rest AreaI-8160 NBRural RetreatVA
Rest AreaI-95110 NBRuther GlenVA
Rest AreaI-95110 SBRuther GlenVA
Rest AreaI-81264 NBTimbervilleVA
Rest AreaI-81264 SBTimbervilleVA
Rest AreaUS 250West AugustaVA
Rest AreaI-95156 NBWoodbridgeVA
Rest AreaI-8113 NBVA
Rest AreaI-811 NBVA
Rest AreaI-950.5 NBVA
Rest AreaI-64213 EBNEW KENTVA
Rest AreaI-850.5 NBVA
Rest AreaI-77105 NSBVA
Rest AreaI-95153 NBVA
Rest AreaI-95153 SBVA
Rest AreaI-95131 SBVA

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