Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Tennessee

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-7542 NBAthensTN
Rest AreaI-7542 SBAthensTN
Rest AreaI-40329 WBCrossvilleTN
Rest AreaI-40322 EBCrossvilleTN
Rest AreaI-40432 WBDandridgeTN
Rest AreaI-40421 EBDandridgeTN
Rest AreaI-40172 EBDicksonTN
Rest AreaI-40172 WBDicksonTN
Rest AreaI-1553 EBDyersburgTN
Rest AreaI-8136 NBGreenevilleTN
Rest AreaI-8144 SBGreenevilleTN
Rest AreaUS 51HenningTN
Rest AreaI-40133 WBHolladayTN
Rest AreaI-40133 EBHolladayTN
Rest AreaI-4074 EBJacksonTN
Rest AreaI-4074 WBJacksonTN
Rest AreaI-264 NSBKingsportTN
Rest AreaI-24134 EBMonteagleTN
Rest AreaI-24134 WBPelhamTN
Rest AreaI-813 WBTalbottTN
Rest AreaI-240.5 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40WBTN
Rest AreaI-24119 NBTN
Rest AreaI-24119 SBTN
Rest AreaI-40103 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40306 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40336 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40362 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40252 EBTN
Rest AreaI-6524 NBTN
Rest AreaI-6548 NBTN
Rest AreaI-7523 NBTN
Rest AreaI-7516 SBTN
Rest AreaI-40102 WBTN
Rest AreaI-40306 WBTN
Rest AreaI-40363 WBTN
Rest AreaI-24160 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40446 WBTN
Rest AreaI-24172 EBTN
Rest AreaI-40267 EBTN
Rest AreaI-553 NBTN
Rest AreaI-653 NBTN
Rest AreaI-751.5 NBTN
Rest AreaI-65121 SBTN
Rest AreaI-75161 SBTN
Rest AreaI-24160 WBTN
Rest AreaI-40267 WBTN
Rest AreaI-8175 SBTN

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