Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in North Dakota

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-29216 NBND
Rest AreaI-94348 EBND
Rest AreaI-94152 EBND
Rest AreaI-9421 EBND
Rest AreaI-94135 WBND
Rest AreaI-9432 EBND
Rest AreaI-9432 WBND
Rest AreaI-94348 WBND
Rest AreaI-29216 SBND
Rest AreaI-293 NBND
Rest AreaI-94170 EBBismarckND
Rest AreaUS 2Devils LakeND
Rest AreaI-29180 NSBDraytonND
Rest AreaUS 281EdgeleyND
Rest AreaI-29100 NBHillsboroND
Rest AreaI-29100 SBHillsboroND
Rest AreaI-94251 EBJamestownND
Rest AreaI-94251 WBJamestownND
Rest AreaUS 2LarimoreND
Rest AreaI-94221 WBMedinaND
Rest AreaI-94221 EBMedinaND
Rest AreaI-94170 WBMenokenND
Rest AreaI-94120 WBNew SalemND
Rest AreaUS 2NorwichND
Rest AreaUS 2RugbyND
Rest AreaI-94302 EWBTower CityND
Rest AreaUS 83WashburnND
Rest AreaUS 85WillistonND

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