Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Mississippi

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-55121 SBMS
Rest AreaI-1010 EBMS
Rest AreaI-55117 NBMS
Rest AreaI-55202 NBMS
Rest AreaI-55121 SBMS
Rest AreaI-55204 SBMS
Rest AreaI-102 EB/WBMS
Rest AreaI-553 NBMS
Rest AreaI-55279 SBMS
Rest AreaI-5565 SBMS
Rest AreaI-1074 WBMS
Rest AreaI-55237 NBCourtlandMS
Rest AreaI-55237 SBCourtlandMS
Rest AreaI-1061 EBGautierMS
Rest AreaI-1061 WBGautierMS
Rest AreaI-55280 NBHernandoMS
Rest AreaI-2088 EBLakeMS
Rest AreaI-2077 WBMortonMS
Rest AreaI-55174 SBVaidenMS
Rest AreaI-5551 NBWessonMS
Rest AreaI-5556 SBWessonMS
Rest AreaI-55164 NBWestMS
Rest AreaUS 49WigginsMS
Rest AreaUS 49CoahomaMS

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