Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Missouri

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-44178 EBMO
Rest AreaI-4452 EBMO
Rest AreaI-70167 EBMO
Rest AreaI-55110 NBMO
Rest AreaI-55160 NBMO
Rest AreaI-553 NBMO
Rest AreaI-55110 SBMO
Rest AreaI-55160 SBMO
Rest AreaI-44178 WBMO
Rest AreaI-4452 WBMO
Rest AreaI-70169 WBMO
Rest AreaI-29109 SBMO
Rest AreaI-442 EBMO
Rest AreaI-442 WBMO
Rest AreaI-553 SBMO
Rest AreaI-5542 NBMO
Rest AreaI-5542 SBMO
Rest AreaI-70103 EBBoonvilleMO
Rest AreaI-70103 WBBoonvilleMO
Rest AreaI-7058 WBConcordiaMO
Rest AreaI-7058 EBConcordiaMO
Rest AreaI-2925 NBDearbornMO
Rest AreaI-2925 SBDearbornMO
Rest AreaI-35114 SBEaglevilleMO
Rest AreaI-3533 NBLathropMO
Rest AreaI-3533 SBLathropMO
Rest AreaI-2979 NBMound CityMO
Rest AreaI-2984 SBMound CityMO
Rest AreaI-44107 EBNianguaMO
Rest AreaI-44111 WBNianguaMO
Rest AreaI-44239 EBSt ClairMO
Rest AreaI-44239 WBSt ClairMO
Rest AreaI-27034 EWBSt LouisMO
Rest AreaI-70199 EBWright CityMO
Rest AreaI-70199 WBWright CityMO

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