Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Arkansas

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-40WBAR
Rest AreaI-553 SBAR
Rest AreaI-553 NBAR
Rest AreaI-55SBAR
Rest AreaI-40WBAR
Rest AreaI-40WBAR
Rest AreaI-40WBAR
Rest AreaI-40EBAR
Rest AreaI-40EBAR
Rest AreaUS 63/412Black RockAR
Rest AreaUS 79CamdenAR
Rest AreaI-40202 EBDes ArcAR
Rest AreaI-40202 WBDes ArcAR
Rest AreaUS 167FloralAR
Rest AreaI-40239 EBForrest CityAR
Rest AreaI-40242 WBForrest CityAR
Rest AreaUS 70GlenwoodAR
Rest AreaUS 71/23HickmanAR
Rest AreaI-5536 SBJoinerAR
Rest AreaI-4074 WBLondonAR
Rest AreaI-3097 EWBMalvernAR
Rest AreaI-3054 EBOkolonaAR
Rest AreaI-3054 WBOkolonaAR
Rest AreaI-5548 NBOsceolaAR
Rest AreaI-4035 EBOzarkAR

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