Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Kansas

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-70294 EBKS
Rest AreaI-70187 EBKS
Rest AreaI-70187 WBKS
Rest AreaI-70294 WBKS
Rest AreaI-707 WBKS
Rest AreaI-707 EBKS
Rest AreaI-70188 EB / WBKS
Rest AreaI-70414 WBKS
Rest AreaI-70414 EBKS
Rest AreaUS 96AlexanderKS
Rest AreaI-3519 NSBBelle PlaineKS
Rest AreaI-3592 NSBCassodayKS
Rest AreaUS 169CherryvaleKS
Rest AreaI-7045 EBColbyKS
Rest AreaI-7045 WBColbyKS
Rest AreaI-3571 NB/SBEl DoradoKS
Rest AreaI-70225 EBEllsworthKS
Rest AreaI-70225 WBEllsworthKS
Rest AreaI-335127 NSBEmporiaKS
Rest AreaI-7095 WBGrainfieldKS
Rest AreaI-7095 EBGrainfieldKS
Rest AreaUS 400GreensburgKS
Rest AreaUS 400/50IngallsKS
Rest AreaKS 156/23IngallsKS
Rest AreaI-70212 EBLawrenceKS
Rest AreaI-70366 WBLecomptonKS
Rest AreaUS 54LiberalKS
Rest AreaI-70307 EBManhattanKS
Rest AreaI-70307 WBManhattanKS
Rest AreaI-13565 NSBMcPhersonKS
Rest AreaUS 54MinneolaKS
Rest AreaUS 75NeodeshaKS
Rest AreaUS 400Otter CreekKS
Rest AreaI-70338 EBPaxicoKS
Rest AreaI-70338 WBPaxicoKS
Rest AreaI-35176 NBPomonaKS
Rest AreaI-35176 SBPomonaKS
Rest AreaUS 36SabethaKS
Rest AreaI-81SalinaKS
Rest AreaI-13522 NBSedgwickKS
Rest AreaI-13522 SBSedgwickKS
Rest AreaI-70266 EBSolomonKS
Rest AreaI-70266 WBSolomonKS
Rest AreaUS 50St JohnKS
Rest AreaI-70366 EBTecumsehKS
Rest AreaI-70212 WBTonganoxieKS
Rest AreaI-70135 WBWaKeeneyKS
Rest AreaI-70135 EBWaKeeneyKS
Rest AreaUS 75Yates CenterKS

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