Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Iowa

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-35signsIA
Rest AreaI-35signsIA
Rest AreaI-357 NBIA
Rest AreaI-357 SBIA
Rest AreaI-680WBIA
Rest AreaI-8083 EBAdairIA
Rest AreaI-8083 WBAdairIA
Rest AreaI-38010 NBCedar RapidsIA
Rest AreaI-38013 SBCedar RapidsIA
Rest AreaI-35194 NBClear LakeIA
Rest AreaI-35194 SBClear LakeIA
Rest AreaI-80301 EBDavenportIA
Rest AreaI-80301 WBDavenportIA
Rest AreaI-35159 NSBDowsIA
Rest AreaI-80179 EBGrinnellIA
Rest AreaI-80179 WBGrinnellIA
Rest AreaI-3568 NSBLamoniIA
Rest AreaI-68013B EBLovelandIA
Rest AreaI-68013B WBLovelandIA
Rest AreaI-68021 WBMissouri ValleyIA
Rest AreaI-2975 NBMissouri ValleyIA
Rest AreaI-2982 SBMissouri ValleyIA
Rest AreaI-80149 EBMitchellvilleIA
Rest AreaI-80149 WBMitchellvilleIA
Rest AreaI-35214 NBNorthwoodIA
Rest AreaI-29112 NBOnawaIA
Rest AreaI-29112 SBOnawaIA
Rest AreaI-3533 NBOsceolaIA
Rest AreaI-3533 SBOsceolaIA
Rest AreaI-2935 NBPacific JunctionIA
Rest AreaI-2935 SBPacific JunctionIA
Rest AreaI-29141 NBSergeant BluffIA
Rest AreaI-29141 SBSergeant BluffIA
Rest AreaI-35116 NBStory CityIA
Rest AreaI-35123 SBStory CityIA
Rest AreaI-80237 EBTiffinIA
Rest AreaI-80237 WBTiffinIA
Rest AreaI-8017 EBUnderwoodIA
Rest AreaI-8017 WBUnderwoodIA
Rest AreaI-80205 EBVictorIA
Rest AreaI-80205 WBVictorIA
Rest AreaI-80271 EBWiltonIA
Rest AreaI-80271 WBWiltonIA

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