Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Georgia

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-75179 SBGA
Rest AreaI-201 EBGA
Rest AreaI-753 NBGA
Rest AreaI-850.5 NBGA
Rest AreaI-95GA NBGA
Rest AreaI-85114 SBGA
Rest AreaI-2079 EBGA
Rest AreaI-20201 WBGA
Rest AreaI-85160 NBGA
Rest AreaI-85176 SBGA
Rest AreaI-95GA SBGA
Rest AreaI-75352 SBGA
Rest AreaI-75306 NBAdairsvilleGA
Rest AreaI-20190 WBApplingGA
Rest AreaI-7584 NBAshburnGA
Rest AreaI-9542 SBBrunswickGA
Rest AreaI-75318 SBCalhounGA
Rest AreaI-1642 WBDublinGA
Rest AreaI-1642 EBDublinGA
Rest AreaI-20183 EBHarlemGA
Rest AreaI-7549 NBLenoxGA
Rest AreaI-7549 SBLenoxGA
Rest AreaI-4759 NBMaconGA
Rest AreaI-20101 EBMansfieldGA
Rest AreaI-20105 WBRutledgeGA
Rest AreaI-7578 SBSycamoreGA
Rest AreaI-75117 SBUnadillaGA
Rest AreaI-75109 NBViennaGA

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