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Name Highway Exit City State Unleaded Diesel Bulk Def
American Legion and Peoples State ForestCT 318East River RoadBarkhamstedCT
Beaver Brook State ParkCT 203Beaver Hill RoadWindhamCT
Bigelow Hollow State ParkI-8474UnionCT
Black Rock State ParkCT 109Old Branch RoadWatertownCT
Bluff Point State ParkI-9588GrotonCT
Burr Pond State ParkCT 846TorringtonCT
Campbell Falls State Park ReserveCT 272Spaulding RoadNorfolkCT
Chatfield Hollow State ParkCT 80EntranceKillingworthCT
Collis P Hungington State ParkCT 58Sunset Hill RoadReddingCT
Day Pond State ParkCT 149Day Pond RoadColchesterCT
Dennis Hill State ParkCT 272EntranceNorfolkCT
Devils Hopyard State ParkCT 434EntranceEast HaddamCT
Farm River State ParkCT 142Brown RoadEast HavenCT
Fort Griswold Battlefield State ParkI-9587GrotonCT
Fort Trumbull State ParkI-9583New LondonCT
Gay City State ParkCT 85EntranceMarlboroughCT
Gillette Castle State ParkCT 431EntranceEast HaddamCT
Haddam Meadows State ParkCT 154EntranceHaddamCT
Hammonasset Beach State ParkI-9562MadisonCT
Harkness Memorial State ParkCT 213EntranceWaterfordCT
Haystack Mountain State ParkCT 272EntranceNorfolkCT
Hopeville Pond State ParkI-39586Jewett CityCT
Housatonic Meadows State ParkUS 7EntranceSharonCT
Hurd State ParkCT 151Hurd Park RoadEast HamptonCT
Indian Well State ParkCT 110Indian Well RoadSheltonCT
James L Goodwin State ForestUS 6Potter RoadHamptonCT
Kent Falls State ParkUS 7EntranceKentCT
Kettletown State ParkI-8415SouthburyCT
Lake Waramaug State ParkCT 45North Shore RoadKentCT
Macedonia Brook State ParkCT 341Macedonia Brook RoadKentCT
Machimoodus State ParkCT 151EntranceMoodusCT
Mashamoquet Brook State ParkUS 44Wolf Den DrivePomfret CenterCT
Millers Pond State ParkCT 911DurhamCT
Mohawk Mountain State ParkCT 4Toomey RoadGoshenCT
Mount Tom State ParkUS 202EntranceWashingtonCT
Old Furnace State ParkI-39591KillinglyCT
Osbornedale State ParkCT 817/18DerbyCT
Penwood State ParkI-9135BBloomfieldCT